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Weird news for Worcesterites past and present

(And no, the weird news isn't just that I'm updating my LJ... :-P )

Apparently, as per conversation with my parents this morning, one of the newer dining establishments recently opening up in my old hometown of Biddeford, Maine?

Tin Tin Buffet.

Why the (Rin) Tin Tin is opening up a location in Biddeford, of all places, I have no idea, but apparently so it is.

(Also, addendum: Spam name of the day... "Imhotep Spatz")
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Okay. The holiday festival whatever did not deter me from finally touching down here in the new Fredericksburg digs. Thanks to everyone who did transcriptions of my travel-progress phoneposts. ardaniel++ for the suggestion, when I discovered that the pump for the air-bed would only run from its rechargeable battery rather than using the charger current if plugged in, of using my CPAP machine as an air pump. Gotta love that abuse of medical technology. :-)

Anyway, I'm here, my bed is ready to be made, my machine has been set up so I can be online. I was on the road for, all told, a little over 12 hours. I think it's time to get the bed made, set the time on my alarm clock, and go the hell to bed; getting everything else set up can wait until I've gotten some sleep.
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Voice Post:

107K 0:32
“so, part of the problem of trying to make a southbound journey in the early-mid-late afternoon is that the sun ends up in your face pretty much the entire time that you're on the road, thus completely obscuring any attempt at seeing the signs. fortunately [unintelligble] in the way of exits, so it's been a straight run for me. anyway, it's almost 4:30 and I've gotten off the Jersey turnpike, I'm on 95 south, I've just gotten into Maryland. That's your latest on the Slarti Moving Forecast. Uh, later!”

Transcribed by: solipsistnation

Pseudo-scientific observation:

Books, while appearing to be made of paper, are in fact constructed of some unnatural material of unusually high density. Thus, a box filled with books will be much much heavier than the same box filled with, say, depleted uranium, for example.

But, at least now my bookshelves are emptied and packed, except for my Sandman, Hellboy, and "JLA: Year One" TPBs, which I'll have to get tucked in with some other bit of packing tomorrow. In the meantime, ahgahd, off to bed.
Slaarti The Hutt

Once again, wishing for a TARDIS.

So, when last I actually bothered to post to my LJ, I'd been a couple of weeks into my Biddeford Exile, just settled in, tricked into not hating vegetables as much, and ready to start looking for a job.

That was about six months ago. In the meantime, living at home with my parents has been much better than any of us had feared it was going to be. I'd looked at want ads, searched for jobs online, sent out applications, didn't really get much of anywhere.

Collapse )

A couple of weeks or so ago, donnerjack informed me that Zope was hiring sysadmins for their managed hosting group, and were willing to provide relocation assistance. I applied, there were interviews, both on the phone and (partaking in air travel for the first time since high school) in person. They have made me an offer, and I have accepted. I've got a couple of weeks to pack my stuff back up (hence, as I've said before, wanting a TARDIS so I could just have an infinite space with all my stuff in it that I could move in its entirety instead of dealing with boxes and trucks), at which point I load the Hauler up with however much it'll carry and hit the road for Fredericksburg, Virginia. My parents and sister will drive the rest down in a rental truck shortly before the end of the year, then drop off the truck at Dulles and my parents will fly back home while Katie spends time with friends in the area and flies back to college.

Some time before I'd had to move home, I had bought a bottle of Unibroue's "Terrible" beer. When I moved, I determined that the bottle would go unopened until such time as I'd finally achieved employment in systems administration again (or a related IT niche; I wasn't necessarily going to be too picky). I think that Thanksgiving dinner will be an excellent opportunity to pop the cork on that sucker.
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