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For those of you who don't remember the joke in the subject line: Earlier today, I was reminded of the time back in college where some friends and I worked up what was, as of second or third season, a fairly thorough re-cast of "Babylon 5" using the Muppets. I don't remember if it was ever written down, and if it was I can't find it now, so I'm going to type it up here and anyone who was around back then can offer corrections or fill in the blanks.

Muppalon 5
Babylon 5 characterMuppet replacementNotes
Jeffrey Sinclair Link Hogthrob? See Supplemental Note 1 below.
John Sheridan Kermit See Supplemental Note 1 below.
Delenn Miss Piggy See Supplemental Note 2 below.
Susan Ivanova Janice See Supplemental Note 2 below.
Michael Garibaldi Fozzie Bear Picture the "Aliens" homage flash-forward scene from "Babylon Squared" with extra "Wocka Wocka Wocka!"
Zack Allan Rizzo the Rat
Stephen Franklin Rowlf the Dog Specifically, Rowlf as Dr. Bob from "Veterinarian's Hospital"
G'Kar Animal Just picture him rampaging the halls, shouting, "MOLLARI! MOLLARI!"
Londo Mollari Sam the Eagle ISTR some debate about this, but while not as flamboyant as Mollari, he is bald w/hair fringe, and very pompous. If anyone can remember whoever else was suggested, feel free to say.
Kosh Gonzo His encounter suit, of course, would have a big schnoz.
Lyta Alexander Camilla the Chicken The obvious conclusion, after Gonzo-Kosh.
Marcus Cole Lew Zealand And his Minbari Fighting Flying Fish
Vir Cotto (?) Possibly Scooter? Or was he Lennier?
Lennier (?) See under Vir, above.
David Corwin (?) I forget if he got his own role, or was just replaced by the tag-team of Statler and Waldorf.
Mr. Morden Crazy Harry Did someone say, "Bomb the Narn homeworld?" *boom!*
Talia Winters (?)
Zathras Sweetums
Lou Welch Beauregard?

Supplemental Notes

  1. Since we were doing this during 2nd/3rd season, we already knew John Sheridan was our real main hero, and that therefore he would be the best match for Kermit. This left the question of who'd play Sinclair in the first season, which I think I've remembered correctly, but others can speak up if they recall differently.
  2. Miss Piggy presented a bit of a dilemma, as on the one hand, Ivanova is the kind of awesomely kick-ass character that Piggy would insist on playing, but on the other hand, Delenn is Sheridan's romantic interest and it would be unlikely that Piggy would allow anyone else to play a role that close to her Kermie. Ultimately, Delenn also gets to kick some ass, so that's where Piggy goes, and Ivanova goes to Janice largely because, IIRC, she was unfortunately the only other prominent female Muppet we could think of at the time.

I'm pretty sure there's other stuff I'm forgetting, besides. Particularly, I seem to recall there were parts for The Swedish Chef and Bunsen and Beaker, but I can't recall offhand just what they were. Anyone?

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