Chris "Slarti" Pinard (slarti) wrote,
Chris "Slarti" Pinard

...Wait, what?!

I've told this to a few people already, but for posterity's sake:

So last night, I was at Best Buy, primarily to get an external backup drive and a copy of OS X Leopard, but after that, I browsed through the DVD shelves.

"Doot doot doo, nothing I'm interested in, nothing, nothing, oh, here's the children's section, nothing, nothing, Saw trilogy, more children's stuff, noth--- Wait. Go back."

Sure enough, in the midst of the children's section was one copy of the Saw trilogy, prosaically placed front facing outwards like any other shelf-promo title. I forget just what exactly was on either side, except for noticing that yes, it was properly alphabetized within the shelf. Either someone was playing some sort of sick joke (which, granted, is probably more likely), or whatever stock dweeb was working the shelves that day saw a package with a 3D puppet face on the front, and shelved it in children's without any real knowledge or thought to what it actually was (which I almost like better, for the surreality factor).

After a couple of minutes of bogglement, I eventually managed to flag down a sales clerk and told her about it. Her eyes registered the appropriate amount of mortified shock, and she immediately went over to pull it off the shelf and relocate it accordingly.
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